Weekend shenanighans: Daglar & Vladd PTS Expose!

Published On March 1, 2014 | By Kiwi | Extraordinary Rifters

Am on the PTS updating resources and THIS happened on Friday  to wash away my “no livestream” blues and Daglar was there in full mage trolling Roughraptors glory. It was fun, the usual banter and omg this isn’t working test but what we always look forward to is the after show.




Umbral Budgie Mount
No spoilers on how we’ll be able to get this BUT so pretty!




New Mech Mount!
Now this one I might definitely try and get, love the color not as obnoxious as the other colors but oh so epic.





New Focus!
So much sweetness and for those asking about the PvP Mounts – We have them on this site for you to see: Architect of Arena Winners PvP Mounts June 2013



Dag4Conquest Test.
Super fun lots of changes from the last Steppes of Infinity CQ test with tons of tweaks to be had but a good way to test new souls though no one could die at one stage so hmmm lol Cheers guys great to see you all on PTS as always. Let me know if you want to take a look at the new warfront coming and lets jump into Blighted Antechamber.


Vladd Unleashed the pain!
The part we always look forwarrd to most, how will they kill us ?

Thanks Vladd!

See you all up here!

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