Dream Weaving Part 3: Dream Orbs!

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What are Dream Orbs?

Dream Orbs are Rune like consumable that you use on your armor and gives you a random stat and number for that stat each time you place it on your armor. These count on top of Runes so we now have another armor enchantment.

How do you make Dream Orbs?

There are currently 3 different kind of Dream Orbs, lesser, median and greater. Each one of these uses the craft item Coruscating Ethereal Shard brought with 1500 Empyreal Slayer’s Marks and X amount of Dream Ribbon which is shown below.

DW - Orbs Batch of Lesser Dream Orbs which gives 12 of them,

Costs 36 Dream Ribbon and 1 Coruscating Ethereal Shard.

Batch of Median Dream Orbs which gives 8 of them,

Costs 96 Dream Ribbon and 1 Coruscating Ethereal Shard.

Batch of Greater Dream Orbs which gives 4 of them,

Costs 192 Dream Ribbon and 1 Coruscating Ethereal Shard.

So as you can see the price for Greater Dream Orbs are very high for very few Orbs, so if you are hardcore and want the best stats farm a lot of artifacts as you get random stats each time you use 1, so if you would like the best stats you will need a lot of Greater Orbs. You could make Median Dream Orbs but if your going out you way to farm a lot of artifacts you them you may as well go the extra mile and get the best you can.

How do Dream Orbs work?

Currently you right click the Orb like you would any Rune then you go to the armor piece you want to put it on and click it and it will then put the random stats on that piece, and the different rarity of Orb has a required level.

  • You can only put Dream Orbs on the Helms, Shoulders, Necks and Capes.
  • Lesser Dream Orb Requires Level 38 item.
  • Median Dream Orb Requires Level 48 item.
  • Greater Dream Orb Requires Level 58 item.

So if you want a certain stat combo from the dream orbs with the highest number to go with it, you may have to use a lot of Dream Orbs to get what you want, this is a very RNG process and cannot be removed once on so with new gear you will have to go through the same RNG process.

  • Dream Orbs act like another Rune on your gear shown in the pictures down the page.
  • Dream Orbs not only give different stat ranges due to the quality of the Orb you make but they are also effected by what tier of gear and rarity of them item.

For example:

  • T1 gear can give +48 Int with +20 SP on the head Piece but for t1 Relic it will Give +51 Int with +21 SP.
  • T2 gear is much higher giving on Epic +59 Int with +24 SP and on the Relic +62 Int with +26 SP.

Not only this but they also give different stats depending on what item they are:

  • Head and Shoulders have the same stats and have the highest stats.
  • Neck and Cape have the same stats give the lowest out of them all.

Dream Orbs also work on PvP gear to and work the same way.

What stats do Dream Orbs give?

Below shows picture of what the Dream Orb looks like on your gear and shows the different stat combinations.

  • Mage – Intelligence and Spell Power
  • Cleric – Wisdom and Spell Power
  • Rogue – Dexterity and Attack Power
  • Warrior – Strength and Attack Power.

Also remember that these stats are a RNG factor in a stat range for each tier and rarity of that item and depending of what item you put it on to. Below is PvE tier 2 relic legs (They cannot be put on legs anymore only Head, Shoulders, Neck and Cape as said above).

DW - int DW - endDW - int sp DW - int end


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