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Published On November 18, 2013 | By Kiwi | Dream Destination Celebrations 2014, Rift & Dimension News

The festive season is upon us and to enjoy it as much as we can for as long as we can Rift Dream Dimensions has teamed up with Trion to celebrate with you into the New Year and beyond with sensational prizes that will make your season of cheer more than cheerful!


“Dream Destination Celebration” is a Dimension building extravaganza encouraging you to take us all on your Dream night out! Maybe you’ve already experienced it or maybe you have always wanted to? Perhaps its somewhere exotic you can only imagine or maybe you want to bring us all somewhere local or in game?

Kiwi has managed, dined, cheered, danced and indulged in bars all over the world so  along with a team of select Judges they are going to draw from their own experiences and her expertise as an event and bar manager searching for that drinking, dancing and dining experience that’s simply unforgettable.

How well can you recreate a global or fiction bar venue worthy of super star prizes to also possibly appear in a final three livestream with Trion on January 17th 2014?

Thank you Trion for this generous and fun filled way to party over the Festive season:
Rift Official Community Blog Post – Dream Destination Celebrations



  • Build a complete Bar, Dancing & Dining experience – Dining is optional
  • Only personal Dimensions may be used
  • There is no capacity or item restriction
  • Only 1 person per entry by owner of Dimension
  • Entries Close Friday January 3rd
  • All entries must be open to public by Friday January 3rd – please ensure to +1 for public view
  • All communication for this contest will be held here at Rift Dream Dimensions



First Place

  • Custom Named Dimension item: _____’s Hailol Wine Fountain
  • A copy of this item
  • 15,000 credits
  • Pack of fireworks
  • A dimension item pack, hand put together by Faratha! (No new items, but some existing ones!)

Second Place

  • A copy of the Hailol Wine Fountain
  • 10,000 credits
  • Pack of fireworks
  • A dimension item pack, hand put together by Faratha! (No new items, but some existing ones!)

Third Place

  • 5,000 credits
  • Pack of fireworks
  • A dimension item pack, hand put together by Faratha! (No new items, but some existing ones!)

Top 10 Winners

  • Title: The Party Animal

All Participants

  • Title: The Decorator

Contest Submissions are now CLOSED!
Thank you to everyone who participated!





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continues to build dreams one pixel at a time via Twitter: kiwidream101

121 Responses to Dream Destination Celebration Contest & Gallery

  1. Feendish says:

    No matter who wins, good luck to everyone. Some fantastic looking entries in the Gallery shots.

    Great contest idea, and thank you for sponsoring!

  2. Elää says:

    I have submitted an entry as Apram@bloodiron . Darchive dimension.
    but now i have transfered my character to another shard. right now the character is Apram@zaviel.
    is that ok or should i submit another entry?!

  3. Kiwi says:

    Hi everyone! – We have sent emails immediately from our Contest email to those entries that did not succeed. I have just sent an email to the same addresses from my email to ensure your entries – If you do not see your screenshots in the Gallery below the entry form please check your inbox.

    • Alurnos says:

      I do not see my screenshots today that were in the Deepwood folder the other day when I submitted and I have not received any emails regarding this. Am I still entered? SOL? I got the email saying successfully submitted on 12/26/13. Character Alurnos, Diminesion Task/Alurn’s Party Retreat, was three screenshots uploaded.

      • Kiwi says:

        There have been a lot more entries if you look another the first page there is an arrow to next page of entries yours is there on about the 3rd/4th. Cheers!

  4. firebolts says:

    ok I’ve done it and got conformation <
    one of witch was the whole roofing/snowflakes, it's been a nightmare and now I just saw some thing I didn't for see about my entry though and I about cried when I saw it on lower graphics.

    Most of the things that are so awesome in my dimension DO NOT Show Up!?!

    =( I hope all the judges will have high graphics please={ if not they will not see many of the glowing and flooring and so on things………. if you could please, please, have your graphics up and I know it's a lot but I may just let the snow in so you can see the colors better=o let me know if that will be too much to ask for or not=( …=} thanks!

    • firebolts says:

      ok why is part of my comment not showing now=o?

    • firebolts says:

      ok I’ve done it and got conformation < this was easer then building the dimension boots and game shut downs in mid build and move have made for many fixes needed.
      one of witch was the whole roofing/snowflakes, it's been a nightmare and now I just saw some thing I didn't for see about my entry though and I about cried when I saw it on lower graphics.
      Most of the things that are so awesome in my dimension DO NOT Show Up!?!
      (ok hope that makes sense now=o)

      • Kiwi says:

        All is good Bolts we will be visiting each one and rest assured all judges have great graphics and will have me guiding them. Thank you so vrey much for all you’ve done appreciated greatly.

        • firebolts says:

          Thank you so much Kiwi and sorry I’ve been so ADHD ish =} it’s just part of me.
          You All Rock!=D thank you so much for putting this contest on and every thing=) truly a pleasure to see and do ^-^

  5. Josiechan says:

    Kiwi, I’m sorry if you’ve said this before and I just didn’t read it… There are so many posts here that it would take me hours to read through all of them…. I was just wondering if the judges will be going into every dimension or just looking at the pictures? There’s so much more to my dimension that I just couldn’t capture with simply 4 pictures… It’s at nearly 2000 items and well… If not all of it is seen, then it’s a waste….. <3

    • Kiwi says:

      All good Josie! RDD have a lot to do next few days! Judging is explained above the entry form as we visit each one then invite a second tier of judges to also view. I will share all the judges with you soon. Please know though that we cannot arrange to meet anyone with the amount of entries there are and the different timezones we all live in-judging will also be done on level 1 characters in very many cases so we can reach each shard so also understand we may not be able to +1. Thanks so much for taking the time and don’t forget to +1 your entry so we can find it on the shard Dimension List everyone!

      • Josiechan says:

        Not a problem I’m just glad someone will see it. ^_^ I’ve been advertising it since I’ve opened it 2 weeks ago and it’s a hit! got 119 votes thus far, hoping and praying for more. ^_^ Have fun checking out all the beautiful and wonderful dimensions! <3 <3

  6. Xamani says:

    Hey Kiwi, i made a mistake and forgot to jump in the photo while taking the picture. Atleast one of them, anyway of fixing this problem? I took another ScreenShot but have 4 already posted.

  7. Mona says:

    Cannot find anywhere the Submit Entry here link. Really confused. Entries close tomorrow, would like to be able to submit mine…… I have checked all pages of this site for the link.

  8. Verun4ik says:

    here is my submission for the contest:
    dimensions Dormant Core — Faylensiya —
    Shard – Zaviel
    Player name: Esty

  9. Cagn says:

    hi kiwi,

    I have a question about the judging with livestream audience when the final 3 best dimensions will be showed.

    In the contest judging, I read: ‘Final 3 will be shown to Livestream audience who will choose winning order on Friday January 17th’

    Is this a fair way of judging? For example, if someone has a lots of friends and/or is in a guild where many people are present then that person has a major advantage over the other 2 contenders. Every friend and/ore every guildmember would vote on his/her dimension no doubt.
    So In my opinion the people who will judge the dimensions should decide the order of the final 3.

    • Kiwi says:

      Hi Cagn happy new year! It is not only a fair way, it is also fun. Everyone has had the same amount of time to understand how this contest will run. It has always been your choice whether to enter it. It is also how I ran our last contest in June funded by the judges. Trion has also run its contest before involving livestream this way so none of this should be unfamiliar if you have been involved in the community. The stages and judging that are about to take place to arrive at our Final 3 as well as not allowing guild dimensions also supports everyone especially the final three who will all be winners regardless the prizes are that generous. Thank you Trion and everyone involved for this opportunity. So exciting!

      • Cagn says:

        best wishes to you as well but can you explain to me why it is a fair way to let the audience judge decide who will be the last 3? The example I made earlier says enough I believe. I dont understand why you talk about the preparation time every one had for this event, that it was my own choice to participate it and how it was run on the last event. I’m only trying to say that IF someone ends up in the top 3 who is a populair person in rift (lots of friends, in a guild with lots of people), that this person has a huge benefit since everyone from his guild and/or friends will vote for his/her dimension. See my point? :)

        Anyway, its a great event with lots of nice dimensions and I wish everyone good luck in this event!

        • Kiwi says:

          This contest is months of research it wasn’t developed overnight. I can only offer you all the same playing field, the same amount of time and the same basic criteria to prepare you to create for it – especially and including how the winners will be chosen. This is what I mean by preparation. I have no control over your popularity or any factors that contribute to your build. I can guarantee with the amount of consideration and work we have done that the final three will all be incredible though and I encourage the final three to also have fun with their results for the day of the livestream. Good luck everybody once more as we prepare to get super busy enjoying everyones efforts not just the final three.

          • Cagn says:

            I understand that you dont have control over popularity, friends, big guild whatsoever but that is not my point.
            I’m only trying to say that if someone has been chosen in the final top 3 dimensions and has many friends & guildmembers, that person has a huge advantage above the rest if you let the audience decide in a livestream who will be number 1, 2 and 3. And that doesnt seems fair for the others in my opinion that dont have that luxury. Thats my point I’m trying to say here. And thats why I believe that it would be better that the judges decide the final 3, not the audience.

            Anyway, I hope you guys at least think about this and again I wish everyone good luck in this event :)

          • Kiwi says:

            I really do appreciate what you are saying but this is a partnership with Trion and I feel it is more than fair that they also get to enjoy it with us after being so generous to offer this contest to the community – something you don’t see in every game. Friday Livestreams Defiance & Trove communities also get to hang out with us balancing out your concerns a lot not knowing any of the final 3. This is also an opportunity for the entire Rift community to celebrate, all of the judges including RDD and (if they so wish) the finalists friends and loved ones-it is so exciting encouraging more fun in Dimensions which is important to me. So much thought has been given and I hope you will at least understand that part which seems to be your biggest concern so we can move forward. Cheers.

      • Fold says:

        Does this mean the final 3 are not being voted on for content and following the guidlines listed?

  10. Kiwi says:

    Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all greeted 2014 with smiles, 2 more days before we close entries and begin our party adventure. We look forward to jumping into all of your amazing Dimensions. Thank you so much and all this best for this year and every year!

  11. Nixea says:

    Hello Kiwi,
    I had a browser error when I was submitting the text side of the application, I am assuming it went through as I got to upload images, but could you please confirm for me if it all went through okay and is submitted thank you?

  12. Kahlann says:

    Hey Kiwi, I have just submitted but I may have done something wrong. For some reason I didnt get the link to add the pictures so I filled out the form a 2nd time. I am not sure if the first one was submitted by accident. The pictures are there now, I checked that. Sorry for inconvenience.
    Good Luck everyone!

  13. Dancingmoon says:

    I finally finished my dimension. Nothing as epic as my slums or my new outpost dime but certainly the most fun and my very first non RP orientated dime. Hope it is liked :)

    Been a touch special and can’t find the gallery for everyone elses entries (I am so nosey…and just love seeing other folks cracking pieces of design and concepts).

  14. VampiricDemise says:

    I have a few questions for this contest.

    For what you are looking for inside these dimensions, is it just a bar and dance area or are you looking for bar, dance and dining areas? I just want to be sure I am not leaving out the dining section if it needs to be a part of the dimension.

    Cheers and Good Luck all entering!
    – Khatha @ Faeblight

  15. Lalothoria says:

    Ive submitted my dimension now, and also screened 4 pictures.
    atm i think im decently done. its if i get a mindblowing tweak that i change anything.

    could u check so it was right?
    Name: Lalothoria
    server: EU
    Shard: Gelidra
    Dimension name: Lalo’s new year party

  16. Kollette says:

    Hey folks, entry submitted.

    Apologies to all those I told that I would not be entering. I got access to all the new dim items that I needed to build my idea with so I went a little crazy for the past 4 days and have been on a creative frenzy.
    Kudos to Polynomia for collecting artifact sets and to Seyler for her unique perspective. Dim will be made public on New Years Day.

    • Kiwi says:

      Aww that is a very thoughtful gesture Kollette so glad you decided to party with us, Polynomia & Seyler are so helpful and generous fantastic to know more artifact sets showing up on EU for those delicious items and for all those wanting to connect more with Dimensioneers on EU you can if you join the chat in game /join Dimensionaddicts@Zaviel

    • Lalothoria says:

      Noooooo!!!! is my chances now obliterated? xD hehe, also Kollette, if u need anything else. i got all of them dungeon sets now. was shard first on exodus :) (winter themed).

      anyways nice!

      • Kollette says:

        Thank you. I will keep that in mind. I’m not sure what I’ll be needing next as I have several projects half complete and a long string of ideas of what to do – as well “helpful” suggestions from certain guild members. If anything is urgently needed I’ll pop you (or Poly) a message. As for obliterated chances of wining, remember that I haven’t won any of the competitions I’ve previously entered (though I have learned a lot from them), so it’s still anybody’s game. I don’t envy the judging panel. Looking through the image galleries – that’s going to be a fun few days.

  17. Seyler says:

    As others stated below, the “Add another image” button does nothing, so we have to submit the 4 photos as 4 separate entries. Other than that, all is fine!
    Good luck everyone, nice work with all those happy fun party places, wheeeeeeeee!

    • Kiwi says:

      HI Seyler. Happy Holidays!

      The most likely culprit for the button not working is javascript may be disabled in web browser or people are using a very old version of their browser (like Internet Explorer 7-8 or Firefox 15-21). It might be a Mac issue, but I have no way of testing it with the Mac browser (Safari).

      We have tested the button for every single shard on Firefox 26, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome 30.0.1 and Opera, it worked flawlessly. We also ran a debug check on the scripts that handle the button itself, as well as the actual file upload, with Firebug 1.12.5 and, again, no problems.

      Without knowing specifics of everyones environment (browser type and version, windows version, etc), there isn’t much we can do but ask everyone to check versions of the above stated. That being said I am so grateful for the patience being shown as we try our best this end also and like you Seyler I too marvel every day how wonderful these Dimensions are though I am not surprised. Rifters rock!

  18. Elää says:

    “add another image” button didn’t work so i just uploaded my photos seprately. is that ok?! (apram@bloodiron – Darchive) (can’t I upload more than 4 pictures?! xD)
    by the way, the owener of dimension is my boyfriend so I put his name as the one to recieve the soulbound items (if win!). but when entering the email, I entered my own email so that confirmation & stuff would be easier for me. If I did the wrong thing & should’ve entered his game email, please let me know!

    & thanks for the contest. I really enjoyed spending time on making the dimension. xD

    • Kiwi says:

      Having your screenshots in this gallery will assist judging I cannot guarantee we will see them if they are not here in this gallery it is also a nice way for everyone to see your wonderful efforts . We are monitoring this form very closely so are 99.9% sure how we have set this up works without killing bandwith. Please persevere :) The alternative name is to ensure prizes are going to the right character of the Dimension owner as some people will build on alts – Trion will be taking care of prizes so can cross reference if needed.

  19. firebolts says:

    FINELY!!! I got this dang thing to work it’s not the same as be for I see. ok well have a few questions now=o first off I am not seeing a link to see who’s entered/ pic…. so far and to join ether… and my other question was my sky’s have trouble on and off at random would it be possible to be their with the judges when they come to view /if I may need to change the sky projectors it’s a pick up and set back down order to fix it and can fix it easy wile a group is in and that would be it =o? other wise half group may see one thing over another thing at random……..=} the sky really really makes this idea work =} please and I think I had one more thing to ask but my brain farted and it’s gone now=P lol=} thank you have fun =D

    • firebolts says:

      and I wouldn’t stay or any thing but I’d like for it to at least be in the right kind of light that was made for it to be seen in =J

      • Kiwi says:

        Aww look at you, thanks Bolts first of all for saying hi I know how much you like websites :) To answer about judges I would suggest taking your screenshots with the right projector and reminding us on your entry about your projectors. Timezones make this request a difficult one and the fact we do not know how many entries we will receive. You will also find the entry form, where to download screenshots and the gallery of entries above where it says “Submit Entry Here.” Happy Holidays!

  20. fland13 says:

    Cheers… First, great contest! Enjoying trying to create something that’s going to face some scrutiny.
    Questions on judging and deadline. Can people make changes after the 3-Jan deadline? Is judging done right after the deadline ends or throughout the 2 week period that dimensions are open for viewing? Judged by screenshots, in person, both?
    I don’t have the big plat build-up (limited item amount & what items I’ve been able to find/buy) so am relying on theme and a couple of ideas I had while building. My little stone house will get crushed if just one person with +2000 item limit (all made of black marble!) does something similar… so far (so good) I haven’t seen anything with the same concept…
    Thanks and Merry Christmas! Fland

    • Kiwi says:

      Cheers to you also Fland. I highly recommend everyone have their Dimensions complete by Jan 3rd because two weeks for judging has been applied to accommodate lifestyle schedules and timezones at this holiday time of year. Their is a lot of co-ordination involved and encouragement on my behalf that judges adapt their time frames to their lifestyle so they also have fun and who knows maybe fun for one of the judges is to do a marathon and visit them all in one day? Without knowing the amount of entries we will have we cannot be sure. I also hosted this contest earlier in the year called the Grandmaster Architect of Arena’s: the format to this contest is similar though I might mix it up, everyone will find out on January 3rd. I wish you all the best for Christmas and for your creation. Have fun building dreams :)

  21. Cagn says:

    kiwi since I wanted to upload 4 screenshots but the upload image didnt worked with me so I have submitted it 4 times…received 4 entry conformations emails from it…but I only have one party dimension so you know ;)

    • Kiwi says:

      Yup no worries Cagn, this is the first time doing this kind of thing (technology/format wise) on this site so monitoring closely to ensure things go smoothly. Thank you for heads up though and cheers on your entry :)

  22. Mickdayblind says:

    Where do we find the list of dimensions that have been put in the contest?

  23. Josiechan says:

    Here’s my Submission for the contest:

    Owner: JosieChan
    Shard: Faeblight
    Name: RP: Lover’s Key
    Type: Three Springs

    The whole dimension is date theme, for parties, receptions, dates, etc… I’m not sure if the whole dimension is accounted for… but I have a few attractions other than just the “bar” area.

  24. Amity says:

    I’m so super excited and stoked to go check out all the submissions! I need a new wardrobe! Good luck all, I’m going to have a blast crashing all your parties after the contest closes Jan 3rd 11.59pm. ;)

  25. Mickdayblind says:

    Can you please check that my dimension was put in. I did it on my phone and submitted before logging on. Was asked to log on which I did but wasn’t asked to resubmit, so I’m not sure it worked.

  26. Hecateria says:

    Heya Dimensioneers,

    I want to wish you all the best of luck in the competition, show us something good :)

  27. Lalothoria says:

    where can i submit my entry? im not done with the dimension yet, and currently is named “under construction”. and i dont want to open it to public before im finished, got maby a week left of work unless i get time and inspiration to do it faster.

    • Hecateria says:

      Hi Lalothoria,

      In the post above here you will find a banner with “Submit entry here” on it, if you press that you will be brought to a page with a form and instructions on how to sumit. Submitting will close Friday January 3rd, so you have to make sure you submitted and opened your dimension for public before that that date.

      greetings Hecateria

      • Lalothoria says:

        allright, so should i wait to submit until im done but before 3rd? or can i submit it but let it be closed until im done?

        • Kiwi says:

          I would wait until you are complete, satisfied and ready to open but BEFORE January 3rd 11.59pm – Judges will not be entering before the end of the contest The public have 2 weeks after contest closes to look around at all the entries.

          • Lalothoria says:

            sounds awasome! on another note, are u coming to visit dimension other then for the competition? i got one that im not submitting for competition, but talked to a friend who a while back said that you might come to Gelidra and visit us :)

          • Lalothoria says:

            Btw Kiwi, do you have any major pull with the people working for dimensions? the rift people. gms and such.

            couse i would like to be able to +1 and leave a comment, couse sometimes its just 1% of the dimension, but that is really nice. rest can be crap. and i would love to be able to read what people like in my dimension, like a dimension log. i dont see how it would be to hard to do?

            also, signs, that u can place in ur dimension, and “click” interact with, and it opens up a easy window as if u would get a quest, and there u can put info about ur dimension, what you HAVE to see. and such.

            that would be really lovely, i specially feel it, couse my first dimension is in dormant core, and i made it as a comunity as a whole. and people rarely put the effort in to find all the things xD

            and i want them to be able to enjoy it… hehe

          • Kiwi says:

            No I don’t.

  28. Alfiexx says:


  29. Arioo says:

    I submitted my Entry but cannot find the link to upload images. please help. Also is there an Image Restriction on Size, I use a 1050×1220 Resolution, Please let me know if I have to Crop my Pictures..
    Thank You

    • Kiwi says:

      Hi! I am on NA hours and am learning what needs to be done to ensure all our overseas Rifters are taken care of. We will implement all today for smoother submissions – there is no size limit the screenshots will automatically re-size. I am currently installing an auto confirmation for peace of mind. Thanks for your patience.

  30. Kiriah says:

    KIWI!!!! This has been a headache of mine since it was announced! I have “builders block” so to speak :/ I’ve had several ideas and they keep falling apart! Lol I’ll think of something, we have til Jan 3rd anyway, right?

  31. voronwer says:

    So… the owner of dimension is my boyfriend. but i’m doing all the work. what to do?! :D

    BTW I’m having an outdoor party. cause the yard of our dimension was really big & great for party. is it ok?!

    • Kiwi says:

      Hi there thanks for the question! The owner of the dimension is who will get the prize(s) one person per entry though there will be a place to tell us who else built the dimension if this applies. So if you need to adjust now would be the time, the choice is yours and I’ve been to a lot of great parties outdoors. We are looking for a Dream theme and how this is carried into the celebration. We want to day dream about how we would dress, how we would get there and who would be with us? We want to be swept off our pixel feet to laugh and dance the night away so as the sun comes up the next morning we know we will never forget this Dream Destination Celebration.

  32. chewychugna says:

    is there a reason guild dim’s not allowed?

    • Kiwi says:

      Yes. We would like to ensure the owner of the Dimension as the builder and also offer a fair chance to all to have access to the same amount of capacity, 2450 is the most a personal dimension can have. Guild dims go to 5000 which is not accessible to all. Final votes are also by public audience, allowing only personal dimensions means everyone has the same amount of effort to make to ensure there’s if it is a finalist. Another good question. Cheers.

  33. Skurai says:

    Hey Kiwi,

    What happens if you are building it with a friend? Would we submit it under both our names or is this simply not allowed?

    Thanks in advance =)

    • Kiwi says:

      Hi Skurai The prizes are so yummy and exclusive we would love to reward the owner of the Dimension only, you are welcome to build with whom you like but it is only one person per entry. Thanks for the question and have fun!

  34. Marko says:

    Good luck all! :D Can’t wait to see some absolutely amazing works!

  35. Mickdayblind says:

    I can’t enter. I fill out the form with photos and send and it doesn’t work :(

  36. Krystl says:

    Hey Kiwi I would love to talk to you about our station covering your dimension contest (commercial etc) If you are interested I can be reached in game at Krystl@Wolfsbane or feel free to drop by our site and leave a post on the forums. Thanks

  37. Emcstc says:

    I was a little nervous about building an actual bar – party. I am now very excited its turning into my favorite dim yet that I have built!.

  38. Odintia says:

    submit: i shall

    Player name: Odintia
    Dimension: Harvest Fest Carnival
    Shard: Leathys

  39. polynomia says:

    Hello again, I have another question :)
    It says only personal dimensions, and I read this as no guild dimensions.
    Is this correct and would it be ok to enter with a dimension built on one of my alts?

    • Kiwi says:

      Hi ya Poly :) This is correct, no guild dimensions and only one person per entry though you may build with who you like. It is ok to build on alts – the submission form will ask primarily for the Dimension and owner of that Dimension then a sub question if this is the character you would like to promote & receive prizes on with a space to put your preferred char. All contest entries must belong to the person entering them.

  40. Lance_cythe says:

    sorry,may i ask where to submit the entry?
    i clicked the link at “submit entry here”,but what i see is only description

  41. Staroth says:

    I look forward to this! I made “The Hallowe’en House” on Deepwoods shard. Hopefully I can enter the contest with this theme, since it’s very dear to my heart! : )

  42. Emcstc says:

    It says “the entire dimension will be taken into account” – Does this mean the entire dimension has to be a part of the theme specifically?

    • Kiwi says:

      Understanding Dimensions and Dimensioneers the way we do we are certain many will go 100% all out for such awesome prizes so to give everyone a great chance we’d like to encourage this but the option is yours, the most important thing is to have fun!

      • Emcstc says:

        Thank you I will do my best. I have built two and half way done with an Infinity Gate so I have a little practice – But I have seen others and hope Im not in over my head.

  43. polynomia says:

    I would like to know if we are allowed to make a non current or fictional stuff like “a night out with robin hood” or “partying on the titanic” :)

    • Kiwi says:

      Brilliant questions, thank you! As long as all the “functions” (Bar, Dance Floor & maybe Dining etc and this is minimum you don’t have to stop there!) of a night out are there for everyone to celebrate this sounds fantastic – I have been to plenty of theater restaurants including “Dracula’s Cabaret” and “Witches In Britches” just to name a couple.

  44. Gaieacookie says:

    I don’t see the mention of when it is uploaded. I see where entries close on January 3rd, but not a link to upload it or when that link will be available

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